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Man, times have changed..

Man, times have changed.. falsely accused teacher cleared 17 hrs agoOn the third day he rose again 18 hrs agoFinally some sanity in my feed 14 hrs agopeople dying justice edition 16 hrs ago"Now This Is Where The Fun Begins" 16 hrs agoDeviant Art Confirmed Canon 19 hrs agoMonday's Cute Things - 17/4/2017 19 hrs agoPainting I recently finished 20 hrs ago>inb4 people saying traps aren't gay 17 hrs agoAn Understandable Confusion 20 hrs agoWhat D&D Really Stands For 23 hrs agoHaving Morals is now EDGY 16 hrs agoHistorical photos part 1,000,000 BC 16 hrs ago

Social skills off the charts

Social skills off the charts I hate buying things in a package of 3 3 mns agoThe Official Jojo Comp Series #17 4 mns agoFat Shaming Friday 2: Eletric Boogaloo 9 mns agoJust show it to a lesbian 11 mns agoXieduby Rattetur Vesurruise 15 mns agoto be honest that's a lot of images 18 mns agoHow did this fly under my radar 20 mns agoDemabe Myepasigui Wolaped 25 mns agoCute Stuff (Kamikaze Edition) 26 mns agoRoses are red, prisons have bars.35 mns agoAbout Fate/Extra Last Encore having a fem mc.