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Poland wishes he had some Burgers

Poland wishes he had some Burgers 218 KB JPGif I only lived in US I could eat hamburger with a juicybeef and a dozen of great vegetables but I was born inthis fucking shithole and have to eat something thatdoesnt even look like a food, in US even dogs get betterfood than poles.kill me someone please

you know at least one lived

you know at least one lived after seeing that they are doing animal metaphors with the wolf being jack I'm worried not that the deer thing will be foreshadowing that she will have redemption by true love or some **** I hope not.I want her to be nursed back to health by the wolf that saved jack and the when she's better she kills the wolf and takes it's skin just to make her a real Villon true evil.

Aku's true Nemesis

Aku's true Nemesis What is this , trash for losers?13 hrs agoam i the only one thats worried?