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/pol/ finds something interesting about the french election

/pol/ finds something interesting about the french election Anonymous no ) lil 1MARINE LE PEN ANALYSISjpg289 KB JPGDoes this really make you think?WEIRDSource: http: l/ /5 Anonymous (ID: () SI'05/ l 7( Thu :04: 45 Nta, 124068342I have no idea what I am looking atbe 1 24068723 itAnonymous (ID: -N ICandidates appropriation in Social Medias during timewith percentage of supporters per country.

tv explains Darth Vader

tv explains Darth Vader 80649864Hue been waiting for you,l ilt' Obi Wan.When I left you, lwas but the learner: new Iti KB we am the Master.

The incredible Journey 3

The incredible Journey 3 Ill,thank u for visiting little friend I leve LII have an update on this lil dude apparently hehas now been permanently banned from leavinghis house because he walked his ass down tothe train station got on a train and spend the dayhanging out in a caffe a few suburbs overSource: ) n393, 869 notes cl CC?

Air travel IS a myth

Air travel IS a myth Replytlt I don' t ttl, , i, l, lla, in air travel.How cansomething weighing 70 tons stay in the air?