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/x/ Skinwalker likes fruit

/x/ Skinwalker likes fruit e.ausfagelided in the bush fer most of my life till just recentlyagewe few friends andl are chilling at a trail that gees into a very steep gullyWe nighttimeeditting in my ear listening to music quietlybwindows down, breathing in that warm summer airermee hearing small rustling in the afew meters awayin the passengers seat asks ifhe can hearths rustlingeBay "Yeah its probablement er something.

A healthy Doggo is a good Doggo

A healthy Doggo is a good Doggo Its great that The Doctor is a woman.but why not a black woman?

Imagine being THIS paranoid.

Imagine being THIS paranoid. PMFOLLOWPOSTS LIKES FOLLOWINGI' m dead seriousI have no respect for any black person whostands up for neroblack POC e.Let me break it down for you.

Mother Nature is AWESOME!!!

Mother Nature is AWESOME!!! When you lose hope in humanity 8 mns agoBasically we'd all be dead or wanting to be dead 14 mns agoThat sleepover ep but like this 14 mns agoWhen your friend ate the last Oreo 16 mns agoStronger Than You *official music video* 29 mns agoIt's going to be a good night 36 mns ago