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Talk shit, get hit

Talk shit, get hit I liked BvS and I don't think the tomatoscore is always a fair representation of a film's quality, but I love it when people's arrogance blows up in their face.Well I guess he wasn't being totally arrogant, but he sure seemed confident his film was gonna be so much better.

Qui-Gon's Vision

This may is too easy) bf llIII IHill!anWell, I' m gonna meditate to pass the lime)ls.

Just lost some family members

Just lost some family members Hari noMuslims made to answer foractions of Muslims anywhere.But,you bring up slavery to whiteAmerican at it' s "l had nothing totill' l do with that!

Father and Son Time Part 2

I told younot to move from your place ' I l C.And she forced me to help her save berserkboyfriend from that gangster, JabbaOh about thal.