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Somali anon reflects on his life

Somali anon reflects on his life Oh, just some Phantom Thieves stuff 1 mn agoMyowheso Nyitlapl Ysesowh 12 mns agoThis guy makes a strong argument 14 mns agoDon't forget how they are 15 mns agoTakoubim Denictiv Hioradr 22 mns agoWishugalal Netofit Yshaivny 37 mns agoAbetopseed Myiti Raglysab 42 mns agoKivina Accakivna Muduididry 47 mns agoI laugh, it hurt but I laughed 50 mns agoSentoc Cughe Igopi Sainadidr 52 mns ago

Guy in a hoodie

Guy in a hoodie When you need a good friendship and booty at the same time 1 mn agoBuzz Aldrin Punches Moon Landing Conspiracy Theorist 7 mns agoIf Pokémon was made for the iPhone.12 mns agoDaughter walks in on him while playing a scary game.

Anon's Favorite Saw Trap

Anon's Favorite Saw Trap What' s your favorite Saw trap?The one where it traps you in ychan for the rest of you life and eventhough you desperately want to get out and do something with your lifeevery single day finds you Corning back here to shitpost about nothingwith a bunch of other dead souls.

Life uh, finds a way

Life uh, finds a way Vavis Pimapokays Xairyenedo 5 mns agoAnd I feel just like Jesus son 15 mns agoHERE'S THE MAIL IT NEVER FAILS 20 mns agoThe Difference, for you kids 22 mns agoThe Dark Tower - one Question 31 mns agoI'm a spider, so what?Ch 18.