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Dank Mini Tweet Dump

Dank Mini Tweet Dump How and why is this news worthy 9 mns agoBritish vs.American Comedy: What's the Difference?

"You can't prove we lie if we delete our lies"

"You can't prove we lie if we delete our lies" com might not work:we have disabled all archiving services of all of our webpages, thisincludes archive.We are taking a stand against Racism, Bigotry and islamophobia alongsideSVD.

It would be cheaper

It would be cheaper when a girl wear booty shorts in the airport 1 mn agoHuh, which one is women?2 mns agoMistress Itsuka the Undefeated of the class 1-B 3 mns agowhen youre teach wanna fug 6 mns agoFunny Cats Gif compilation 10 mns agowhen you do all the work on a group project 10 mns agome when mods try to ban me 10 mns agoDoes she like it gentle or rough?

Pest control confessions: Part 1

This is OC.I worked as an amateur pest control "service pro" for a fairly large company that totally relies on door to door sales.

All dogs go to heaven

All dogs go to heaven It is impossible, perfect move!17 snds agomeaningful dialogue that is sure to influence the story.

Healthy at every size

Healthy at every size Sembav Deplev Pise Sulinaich 7 mns agoEPMD, K-Solo, Redman - The Head Banger 8 mns agoBest Sheriff in the Old West 11 mns ago11 years old and already cooler than you 11 mns agoNorth Korean EMP weapon could kill 90% of U S population 11 mns agoSan Andreas Fault 8 0+ Earthquake Soon To Hit California 14 mns agoShindoL is Making a Game!17 mns agoFlorida vs Irma in a nutshell 22 mns agoMousou Telepathy Ch.