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Women are strong and empo...

Women are strong and empo... ff, Like ME MDebi's/ :1 FootballHome I LIE.I News I World NewsNew Wenger gets '.

The dex don't lie

The dex don't lie Im sure it's been here before, but this got my teary eyed.2 mns agoMeet your Left Brain & Right Brain 4 mns agoMy Fav 5 tracks as of 7/26/17 6 mns agoLikeing traps is homophobic and transphobic 9 mns agoAll that family needs to do is open their mouth.

Robot lie detector joke

Robot lie detector joke A man buys a lie detector robot that slapspeople who lie.The robot slaps the son.

from James Cameron's ama on reddit

from James Cameron's ama on reddit points 3 years agoMtr Ht James, thanks for stopping by.lie been wondering where the idea to ALWAYS have a character yell “Go, go gril" inyour movies came from.

Anon fucks his cousin

Anon fucks his cousin wbe 13tr' ' 14 Catti% lifts with LIEBath ether up at nightregets heavy ene night and she pulls my seat; taut and News We deluxeErnest night she pins me dawn and fut: me raw and I cum inside herafresh nut thinking she' ll be pregnant nee: a dumb kidrest: a friend, tells my parents1-* leesin' gees m live elserunover knew if she was meg rant, pobably mule nit even New leads back thennowere later mum tells me she was a farm; friend and net an actual bleed relativeless hot thinking eheut it new


WHY MUST YOU LIE TO ME? This Week in Stupid (03/09/2017) 2 mns agoMudkip's Stolen Memes #84 5 mns agoSimpsons Memes: Sunday Afternoon Frogurt 12 mns agoFor nightcore lovers only 13 mns agoWe're all living in 2017 while this kid is living in 3017 21 mns agoTurning on youtube just for ambient music.32 mns agohenlo frens i will be postin moar now 44 mns agowhen mouse sensitivity is way too high 46 mns ago

anon probably tells a lie

anon probably tells a lie L] Anonymous ' Ihaytu'.HOLY FUCK 11115 JUST HAPPENEDgirl acres; the v/ fly carries 041311;‘ ; are an but,.