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/pol/itician has a partisan epiphany

/pol/itician has a partisan epiphany I Liberals vs conservatives evolution editionAmerican Liberalibelieve in evolutionibelieve all lives matterggive healthcare to weak people who shouldn' t reproduceevolutionAmerican conservativewon' t believe in evolutionggod made everythingibelieve in survival of the fittesthealthcare to those who can provide for themselvesrevolution happens due to itthe party that believes we were made from clay and a rib is the one that' s scientifically betterAbraham Lincoln was a Leftist Liberal Faggot Cook Sucking Homosexual.Well, shit.

Gross injustice occurring abroad? "Mind your business, white peop

Gross injustice occurring abroad? "Mind your business, white peop Daily News August 1st-2017 3 mns agoBolatovov Kivookno Dasardev 4 mns agothats character development 12 mns agoSome days are just better than others 19 mns agoSay it loud, we're fat and proud 19 mns agoHow to make a god and creation myth 20 mns agoNow this is a story all about how.24 mns agoCrikey mate it's been 10 years!