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Snapchats latest "news" story

Snapchats latest "news" story Dear Lord, he's one of us now!22 hrs agoSupporting the patriarchy 21 hrs agothese two redeveloped my faith in offline gaming 18 hrs agoI want to buy a Switch for BotW, but.

Anybody want sum fuc?

Anybody want sum fuc? Bill (ici, washingtonpostAmericans are having less sex.And that' s justtine.

United is a disgrace

United is a disgrace ned flanders is my spirit animal 22 hrs agoHow to miss it from a mile away 21 hrs agoThat's one hell of a military career 17 hrs agoAre you uncomfortable yet?part 7 15 hrs agoDank Anime Weebms Part 96 19 hrs agoThrough the Fire and Flames GMV 17 hrs agoFirst post in a long time 22 hrs agoWhen you thought she said hi to you 21 hrs ago

GC: cringe comp 14

GC: cringe comp 14 How could someone be this lonely 1 mn agoTwitch Chat controlled couch 2 mns agoInfoWar's Alex Jones Has Nothing On Tuck Buckford 3 mns agoEveryone here is preparing for Refugees 7 mns ago3 types of people at a bar 11 mns agoWhen you remember when you were 13 15 mns agoMum not convinced of Daughters "First Shot" 19 mns agoNext Soulsbourne (possible copy) Game 21 mns ago

Has DeviantArt grown up?

Has DeviantArt grown up? Press F to pay rspects to an Hero 18 hrs agoThis guy made a game to propose to his girlfriend 19 hrs agothe calming showers are the most insidious 04/19/2017Years of anime has ruined this boy 17 hrs ago3D-printed Sovereign Armor 23 hrs agoToday's double standards in a nutshell 16 hrs agoThe rise of the Second Ottoman Empire 20 hrs agoPretty much sums up feminism 22 hrs agoI’ll have two number 9s, a number 9 large 22 hrs ago/pol/ The average face of the Antifa 21 hrs agoSleepytime chicken from /ck/ 14 hrs ago