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doesn't like it when guys do the same.

doesn't like it when guys do the same. I' m all tor gender equality, transgender and all, but I am drunk and just legitjust saw probably at least 4 dicks in the gender neutral bathroom, and I donot know how I feel about this,Like I Comment " Sharetro)its not a girls bathroom though.Anything goes.

New DNC leaks lead

New DNC leaks lead f or I dis g u steel I A separate repair in the New ‘hark Times said intelligence atheists had a "highcan ridence" that Russia was involved in hacking related to the election.Craig Murray, the farmer ambassador to Uzbekistan, who is a Close associate atMurray.

Now I want Taco Bel

Now I want Taco Bel Found Trump Street in London 16 mns agoStephen Colbert slowly descend into madness 40 mns agoI wonder what's the next demon will be.44 mns agoTexas Wants To Make It Legal To Run Over Protesters 53 mns agoThe Wise man and The Bright Boy 1 hr agoSweet memes that melt in your mouth 1 hr agoMuranese!

Random shit on my computer

Random shit on my computer I found an old picture of my kitters 2 mns agoPresident Trump reinstates transgender military ban 13 mns agoUsing a tortillia as a record player 15 mns agoLooking for gas masks on Amazon, found a gem.31 mns agoWhat White Knights Actually Believe 33 mns agoI wish yo momma swallowed you 34 mns agoBoku no hero academia chibis 36 mns agoOne of the best Disney Films 1 hr ago