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Anon Gets caught for gore

Anon Gets caught for gore i Anonymous ( Thu) 15: siir: , blo.35081762IAI live in Indiana, theshithole of America.

/k/anuck lights up a mugger

/k/anuck lights up a mugger 33117642BOARDS /K/Ccing a big fucken lightAnonymous l 33117642.ago no Illive in canadaccan' t legally carry/ defend yourselfwith a guncouild one of these fuckers andconceal it in a huge satchel wherever Ismugger tries to pull some shit onenight while i' m walking down a backalleyhwhip out my Backburner (patentpending) homebuilt football fieldilluminatorAlick the necessary switches toboot it up, hooligan standing theredumbfounded watching the processmpa player and speakerstarts playing Light Up the Night by TheProtomenTrip off my jacket and pants to reveal afull body reflective suittthe ' shakes himself fromhis stupified state and attempts to pulla knifessay with a shit eating grin "That wasn' ttoo.