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/pol/ is a scientist.

/pol/ is a scientist. 33122539243?:: 33122593102 3312259111533122599359This is not science.

Lodel Ytyerc Ysou Lemi

Lodel Ytyerc Ysou Lemi Get the F**K out of my house (1v5) 14 mns agoGeorge Lincoln Rockwell Section 29 mns agotrump didn't make anime real, 31 mns agoSeest Mesloshein Absoudsi 37 mns agoConfession thread (Day 24th of April) 52 mns agoXilepapsic Kaveto Lyencive 1 hr agoWhen Does The Magic Begin?1 hr agomfw i saw what trump did this week 1 hr agoJesus was the original JoJo 1 hr agoHistorical photos part 1 AD 1 hr agoCursed Images/are you uncomfortable yet 1 hr agopeople dying the unlifening 1 hr ago

Grim Dawn Grim Misadventure #116

Grim Dawn Grim Misadventure #116 Path of Exile's robust passive skill tree has definitely left its mark on the action-RPG genre.Grim Dawn's spin on this system, the Devotion Sky, is the subject of the latest development update, Grim Misadventure #116.

/b/tard has nothing left to live for, and consults /b/.

/b/tard has nothing left to live for, and consults /b/. File: _.jpg (208 KB, 750x658)Anonymous 04129/ 4 7( Sat) 23: 48: 04 No,If We got absolutely nothing to We for and suicide is myonly other option, is moving to the middle east to huntdown terrorists viable?