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Beta learns a life lesson

Beta learns a life lesson The bill came, she didn't reach for it so obviously I did.I pay the bill, go to the washroom before we leave, come back to see the waiter leaving our table (my date).

The straight talk express

The straight talk express Eat less of this And more of this Leave the "favorite" part of "favorite and forget" behind when you see these Instead, do this.A couple months for you to start noticing yourself and probably 3 - 6 months for everyone else to notice.

Nasa's feeling the benefits of Trump

Nasa's feeling the benefits of Trump I'd walk through an electric fence just to cuddle up with you 5 mns agoLagu aceh terbaru bergek gitu-gitu 32 mns agoVaito Wolu Laytod Meccuslo 41 mns agoBecause, if you look closely enough, things begin to appear 46 mns agoLittle problems require little measures 48 mns agoObscure Japanese history.52 mns ago

please don't leave me

please don't leave me Owner surprises dog after living away in New York for a while 2 mns agoGuys texting there girlfriends while buying tampons 7 mns agoSocialism in Germany (short version) 18 mns agoNot your average battlefield replay 20 mns agoNicki Minaj asks a question 22 mns agoBig Bang theory but Ricky Gervais is the only one laughing 23 mns agoThe craziest sport you've never heard of, Sepak Takraw 27 mns agoLapis gets along well with Sharks 31 mns agoBaby squirrel befriends pet cat 32 mns agoOne Piece 20th Anniversary 34 mns ago