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Run to the hills

Run to the hills L _ Paul Joseph Watson *Barcelona' s chief Rabbi urges Jews to leaveSpain; "Europe is lost."Barcelona chief rabbi urges Jews to leaveSpain: 'This place is loselit Haaretz:.

Anon is a pussy slayer

Anon is a pussy slayer Soompsers-The merging is complete 29 snds agoAnon talks about a certain feel 17 mns agoDeath of the Firstborn Egyptians 18 mns agoRWBY Chibi Season 2, Episode 16 - Neptune Noir 22 mns agoYou held a knife to my fathers neck.26 mns agoAfrican Super Problem S (long post) 32 mns agoWas getting caught a part of your plan?

Retard piggie forgets about the 4th amendment - now on leave!

Retard piggie forgets about the 4th amendment - now on leave! This is crazy,’ snubs Utah hospital [ lilili]a Derek Hawkins it Mi ISNNurse arrested after refusing to take blood from umx) noxious patient Embed tty Share "F Play Video 1: 52The head nurse at the of Utah Ha "tats hum unit was arrested Mg 26 after she told a Salt La he Elm police he wasn' tto draw blead mm a patient.{Herr arter]

Daily News: 9/9/17

Daily News: 9/9/17 — Heavy squalls "" were sweeping across South Florida Saturday as the state braced for the arrival of Hurricane Irma, which forecasters warned could bring life-threatening winds and storm surges.Rick Scott strongly urged people to leave ahead of the Category 3 hurricane, which is expected to reach the Florida Keys Sunday morning.

Hillary 5 years from now

Hillary 5 years from now Star Wars south london style 14 snds agomuwa ha a ha ha ha ha hah ha ha 34 snds agoGrand Puba - 360 (What Goes Around) 8 mns agoEsau has many angles to implement the rfid chip 23 mns agoMalaysia At least 25 killed as fire rips through school in Kuala 28 mns agoPro-Brexit Twitter account is Russian Bot?30 mns agoI Wish Someone Could Hire Me For Their Meme Marketer 41 mns agoMyspoplup Pairdofr Ilintythep 1 hr agoI'm Feeling a Little Husky 1 hr agoStatus: Wrecked [ ] Not wrecked [ ].