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Explosion in Russian subway

Explosion in Russian subway 10 people have been killed and at least 20 more injured due to explosions in the St Petersburg metro system.Mr Putin has stated the Kremlin is considering all causes, including terrorism.

Tumblr Comp pt.1

Tumblr Comp pt.1 India becomes a world power 21 hrs ago#BLM provides acceptance into Standford 17 hrs agoSo who is getting the ball 19 hrs agoProperly fit classy or work appropriate cloths 20 hrs agoAnon goes to Piggly Wiggly 22 hrs agoHow the Media Controls the Public 15 hrs agoThe Future of the Flag of Germany 23 hrs agohow normie fallout players react vs hardcore fallout players 20 hrs agoThe strongest loop knot you can tie 21 hrs agoYou Win Some, You Lose Some 14 hrs ago

Terror against Christians in Egypt.

Al least 21 have died and 50 wounded after an explosion in a Coptic Christian St.George church in the city of Tanta in northern Egypt.


WHY DIDNT WE LISTEN Waking up a cat with a firecracker 23 hrs ago".try that again.

Don't date a blind girl

Don't date a blind girl The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles!19 hrs agoSo everyone would think we were chillin' 20 hrs agoI hate this because it's not about ME 19 hrs agoGet someone that can do both 19 hrs agoLiterally proves that women want what other women have 22 hrs agoShooting yourself in the foot 13 hrs agoHere's what's happening in Horizon: Zero Dawn on camera move 17 hrs agoIt's sad because it's true now 23 hrs agoEveryone here is preparing for Refugees 18 hrs ago

Take this 600mg of Redpill

Take this 600mg of Redpill The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles!04/18/2017Bacon Pancakes in various languages 21 hrs agoi guess kirito didnt thought it was funny 20 hrs agoShooting yourself in the foot 18 hrs agoIs there another way to play the game though?

I never noticed the similarities

I never noticed the similarities /TV/'s Take on Man of Steel 20 hrs agoRussian gets stuck in an old missile silo 20 hrs agoSome people have all the luck 23 hrs agoThe fictional GoT universe and its history are too white 22 hrs agoIf only we respected REAL women like we did in the 1950s 22 hrs agoNot (At All) Sorry About Your Package Size 16 hrs agoHow to talk about a game you don't like.20 hrs agoEven synchronized robots can get dates 23 hrs agoI am against censorship but.