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10,000 years later and they will have their revenge

10,000 years later and they will have their revenge When a meme is born, ponies of it are too.14 snds agoPart of a nutritious breakfast 3 mns agoSnapped a pic of my ex's soul 17 mns agoPosting high quality content 19 mns agoThe Winter Mascot Suits The Spirit 27 mns agoTheoretical measurement of meme spicyness 28 mns agoThere's more than two genders 29 mns agodooo dooo doodoo dooo doo~ 31 mns ago

Take his anal virginity

Take his anal virginity Could someone explain plz 4 mns agoWOOOORRRRLLLLLDDDD STAAAAAAAAAAR 11 mns agoDido Nacotra Akac Leviavnit 25 mns agoMuslim trying to scientifically prove that hijab is good 35 mns agoClone Wars: References and Similarities to the Star Wars Films 39 mns agoThese are the only two genders 43 mns agoIt's all good in the hood 46 mns agoThere's no wrong way to fantasize comic 48 mns ago

17 Years Later, Baldur's Gate II is Still One of the Best RPGs Ever Made

17 Years Later, Baldur's Gate II is Still One of the Best RPGs Ever Made If you've been visiting GameBanshee for a very long time, then you know that BioWare's Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn was the title that officially "put us on the map" not long after we launched back in 2000.We loved the game and , but couldn't have possibly realized at the time that so few titles would ever approach its splendor nearly two decades later.

The Soldier throughout history

The Soldier throughout history Remember To Stay Cool This Summer 7 mns agoYour reaction to anyone singing "Let it go" 8 mns agoI've heard you guys like Hitboxes 20 mns agobecause drugs are expensive 28 mns agoGaza citizens prepare for CNN 45 mns agoPerfectly paused simpsons comp 46 mns agoI asked Kim to hold seat.Very standard 52 mns agoJust keeping you informed 1 hr agoSJWs say black people look like apes 1 hr agoLET THEM OUT YOU EVIL WIZARD!

Anon nearly kills virgin with his dick

Anon nearly kills virgin with his dick AUP}nth collegea Highschool seniors a huge gamer, but also super atheleteael' m in loves a virgin4 meme later, we thresholdrel slide into her gently, and we- start fuckingslide.t getting wetter and wetter.

Dote Faim Zoutashu Goutyi

Dote Faim Zoutashu Goutyi I Anonymous 04/ 02/ 17( Sur) 3: 18: 65lenient raic) ruiend later eneremiteiro' :; behind theH I Anonymous 04/ 02/ 17( Sun)?No.

Never hit a lady

As I was growing up, my mother taught me "Never hit a lady"It was years later I realised, a lady never does anything that deserves to get hit.That's why I hit a woman in the mouth this morning when she tried to throw her fresh cup of coffee on me because I wouldn't give up my seat so her fat ass could take up both seats on the bus.

Lube the gas chamber

Lube the gas chamber I Anonymous DEW )I read a simple gun cleaning guide on the that said "lube all moving pans ALL OF THEM"later that day I encountered a post on Ad that mentioned avoiding tubing the gas chamber.Basu 'r:on , 1% slugga( 17 we 402x402, "leage.