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Random Webm Comp 12

Random Webm Comp 12 gender is a social construct 22 hrs agoMy first favorite when i joined the site 20 hrs agoAnon summarizes maddow tax return fiasco.16 hrs agoAnon has insane reflexes and instantly kills a school shooter.

I didn't need this...

I didn't need this... Jone's - Rochester I atThis morning was the perfect combination of sun andwind that I had been waiting for all spring.t said mylast goodbye and let the wind scatter Buddy' s ashesoff the end of the dock mat as the same wind took hisfur in years past as I would brush him here almosteach morning.

Random Webm Comp 13

Random Webm Comp 13 I thought this piece of gold comment on my last comp was too good not to make into a webM.Warning : Some of these may be loud I thought this piece of gold comment on my last comp was too good not to make into a webM.

The circle is now complete

The circle is now complete E Annymous 03/ : 07: 68Hire been waiting for yea,Obi Wan- We meet againat last, The circle is nowcomplete.When I left yea, Iwee but the learner; newt3 KB We am the Master.

Random Webm Comp 15

Random Webm Comp 15 /pol/ reacts to the death of David Rockefeller 03/20/2017for the emperor, kill the heretics 22 hrs agoMigrants and far-left attack police in Paris 23 hrs agoIf Link Were Riased as a Gerudo 23 hrs agowhat to do when someone passes out at gym 19 hrs agoEven The Wine Is Autistic 18 hrs ago"i dont get paid enough for this" 23 hrs agothese two have seen to many movies 19 hrs ago

Drunk girls are the best

Drunk girls are the best Pissaro'scuri_ ously:I honestly love drunk girls so much,last night I was at a party and a girlstarted crying because she loved myhairOne time in college, I had a fight with myboyfriend and was sitting outside crying,and a drunk girl came over and gave mea leaf to make me feel better.Source:147.