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Death of Hope - Warhammer 30.000 Short Film

Death of Hope - Warhammer 30.000 Short Film n Death of Hope CL ' Home Find FriendsDeath of HopeHomePostsReviews d, Liked _ alh Following _ at Share.Send MessagePhotosAbout Mark invited you to like this Page Movie5011111Community Show that you' re interested in this Page by liking it,create 3 ; " Very responsive to messagesif Status E I _ Community See AllInvite your friends ts like this PageWrite something en this Page.

CIA fuckery in 'Nam

CIA fuckery in 'Nam Operation Wandering Soul"The Wandering Soul"Listen to the eerie sounds of "The Wandering Soul" - also known as "Ghost Tape Number 10" - that was broadcast by loudspeakers installed on Swifts and other units during "Chieu Hoi" and Psychological Warfare missions to "taunt" the enemy.The tape directs its audio message at these values:{Funeral Music and the Wailing Sounds of a Moaning Ghost}{The Daughter "Hai" Crys Out for Her Father}Daddy, daddy, come home with me, come home.