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/fit/izen's ageless autism

/fit/izen's ageless autism ain yon gymnasiumasspie a fair maidensshe meets my gazeto avert my eyes posthastesshe approachesSir Knight, thou art most endowed with strength of the Body!"milady"Were it you seated 'pan a posting steed, I daresay I would bequeath upon you my favor"Aland also unto you"Epicnoodles poopeth from my satchel

(s)lay the dragon

(s)lay the dragon Magical trash from the Alpha and Omega 10 hrs agoAnon use a meme page to influence a election 19 hrs agoFirst new villain in samurai jack 23 hrs agoElsanna's Webm Collection Part 7 19 hrs agoThe worst case of "Internalized Fatphobia" 23 hrs agoAmazon Prime 2-Day Shipping 21 hrs agopromoting healthy eating is considered fat shaming now 03/12/2017My experience with this game 18 hrs ago

Dark Souls Black Knight at PAX.

Dark Souls Black Knight at PAX. Keep in mind ME:A release 21 hrs agocaught in the act attempting to break into a property 21 hrs agoAND WE'RE THE GAME GRUMPS 21 hrs agoSince someone on here said they didn't like Dave Grohl 21 hrs agoI didn't know what I expected 21 hrs agoJust gonna let you know I was allowed to steal these.16 hrs ago

Amazon's screen-equipped Echo might arrive next month

Amazon's screen-equipped Echo might arrive next month The rumors that Amazon is working on a version of its Echo smart speaker that has a display have been swirling for about a year, but nothing has come to fruition yet.Now, just a day after Amazon launched the Amazon Echo Look, a variant of the Echo with a built-in camera, CNET reports the company might launch the screen-equipped Echo in May.