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Kira Knows How the LoL Wild Card Teams Can Improve

Kira Knows How the LoL Wild Card Teams Can Improve League of Legends’ International Wild Card teams are getting better.At the head of CIS’s 1v1 tournament attempt was the IWC All-Stars champion was Kira, mid laner for Hard Random.

Bad Touch, Stanger Danger

Bad Touch, Stanger Danger Stray Kit Joins Your Party 22 hrs agoJapanon doesn't believe in democracy 7 hrs agoSJW is triggered by biology class 12 hrs agoanon meets a girl in mental hospital 22 hrs agoBin your knives, create art 10 hrs agogood Samaritan helps disabled dog 20 hrs agoBeen a long day, without you my friend 23 hrs agoTHE MADMAN SPEAKS THE TRUTH 7 hrs ago

Anon questions British domestic policy

Anon questions British domestic policy Fifi f brit/ EAnonymous 5 minutes agotat HKIRA attacksEarnest everyone with an irish accentsimpleton them without evidence for an indefiniteperiod of timeAstarte them to deathsstop and frisk everyone that passes you on the streetgforce curfews on their neighbourhoodsckick down their doors and loot their houses when youfeel like itstarlight up execute civilians, including children, onthe street for looking at you weirdrapes 1000 childrenof evidenceskive him a couple years in jail, but not before lettinghim away with it for a decadespake blows up your buses and trainsskive pakis more welfare moneyspake runs over your citizens, kills your police and triesto attack your government officialsiwork your hardest to keep him alive and let 2innocents diesim/ ite more pakis at the end of the day to replace theones you jailed, except you bring them in at a 10: 1 rateExplain it to me.