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Anon attempts to be kind

Anon attempts to be kind File: (23 KB, 600x484)harder 2 big mac mealstotalggive herlane gives me it backthe change"Hells me she can' t accept tips and hands me the dollar backsent it on the saunter and say "well ill just conveniently leave it here than be a shame if sameone found it and kept it haha"swine at hersshe chineesmay behind me in line grabs me and asks her a problemsshe says offering her moneyshoves me out bf line and says if i want to give girls money for affection he get a hookerme not to came back

What kind of person were you in high school?

What kind of person were you in high school? sbe melooking3: -no friendsstry to be soecial/ talk to peopleT: -no one wants to be friends with the outsidersshear about a site -sailed mys pagemmaybe this is my GlanceTrade eberyone I know from manualsyes yes yes, making friendsroom ment on their pagesT: -no repliesroom Kliment a lot of girls picturess'' thank you anon M"to do this far 2 yearsidealize I had became school' s internet stalker (Heepomeleteis pend next 2 years not talking to anyonesthe end