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even his beret is sad

even his beret is sad Just a low-key drive with the kids.11 mns agoWe need more women like her 21 mns agoRakov Conoproowe Erguckowar 31 mns agoI've never laughed so hard at a kids show!

Spanish officer killed 4 terrorists

Spanish officer killed 4 terrorists HERO OF Cah/ : Officerkilled FOUR jihad's as theymarched from Audi on killingrampageA HEROIC police officer killed four terrorists singlehandedly in a shootout in Cambellstatter the sick jihad's rammed a van into pedestrians " just hours after the Mrtnt in theheart of Barcelona.The officer- who local media has said is female - wiped out the jihad's seconds after theyrammed their Audi through crowds and into her police car.

fa/tv/irgin has fascinating taste

fa/tv/irgin has fascinating taste Might be mad old, i didn't see it before today 2 mns agoRoses are red, Allah loves you too.3 mns agoVenezuela, how did it collapse?

Tumblrina VS The World

Tumblrina VS The World Alcohol is a hell of a time 41 snds agoDon't mansplain things to me 9 mns agoFAITH IS THE GIFT OF THE MOST HIGH YAHAWAH 11 mns agoGranting Amnesty to Dreamers Committing Crimes While Abandoning T 12 mns agoFlorida Sheriff Those With Warrants Not Welcome at Shelter 15 mns agoThis years best accessory pack 29 mns agoSo Ash isn't the only person with those cheek marks 46 mns agonew south park game difficulty is your skin color 47 mns ago