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1 year after saving that kid

Remember the starving, abandoned child foundin Nigeria in January 2016?This is his first day of school, exactly one yearafter he was rescued by Ania Rundgren Love' nThe boy, named Hope, was left to die by hisparents after being accused ofHe was taken to the hospital immediately, andwas treated for malnutrition and stomach8 months after his discovery, he started togain weight and regain his energyRDI,He even received a fresh haircut to go along withhis new lease on lifeHope made a full recovery, and is barelyrecognizable from beforeHe lives in an meam with other children castout ".

Anon has feels for wheels

Anon has feels for wheels File: , ipg (35 KB, 1280x720)bath gradeotheres a new kid in classlovely girl in a wheelchairblendy hairgreen eyesUnwary pale skindoesn' t many friendsegg me en to make the her one day during breakimmediately think my choices regarding the social hierarchy of schewl have been less than optimalawalk up to her and get a gem leek at her faceat 3.14may to her that my friends are douches and are trying to make me hurt hersshe thanks me tor telling her and we haye a little be of Idle chatewe get on to the topic of horrible friendswwe have so much in commenIrene gets really riled up at the horror stories I tell her abaut my friends and their bullyingand makes this adorable puffed up cheek face and wheels dyer to them in a cute rageand begins to tell them off but trails eff midwaytthe boyfriends pull out metal rulers and scissorsea tiny friend (tth grade) slaps her an the wrist with the rulerht} HYOUBU DNT, lpgerase over and snatch the ruler eff of the little fuckproceed to beat the shit out himand bruises all over himaother friends back effbl get called the principals office along with wheelchair girl and seme ether deucheMeet suspended for a monththanks me and attempts to kiss me on the cheek while leaving school that dayWad kneel down a bit since shes in a wheel chairwas still incredibly cuteInsteed really with myselfmeme back to school a month laterbut she died a week MNIt was my first and only white knight exerience and it ended in tragedy.

Senator finds it hard to respond to criticism from a kid

Senator finds it hard to respond to criticism from a kid My roughly 10-year-old cousin once wanted to take me on in ping-pong, using the table in my basement.I let him get up 11-1, because I'm much older than he is, and what the hell do I care?