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You Know This Post

You Know This Post a kidKhorne home from schoolsmom works an evening shiftat a gas stationsshe leaves pizza for meshave two games for mySNESTournament Fighters and TheAddams Familyrout pizza in oven and use watch to time itsplay game while pizza Weeks, often getdistracted by my games.burnt pizza most nights but eat itanyway.

Khorne in a nutshell

Khorne in a nutshell The separation of trash and can 9 hrs agoWhen you just mowed your lawn 17 hrs agoWell.That's good to know 22 hrs ago/int/ acts as German as possible 04/20/2017when you play with gypsydude 18 hrs agoI loved these old spice ads the weirder the better 17 hrs agoWhich one of you beautiful bastards did this?