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OC by a fellow argiebro

OC by a fellow argiebro Dark souls shows respect to mighty N 22 hrs agoIt's bigger on the inside 16 hrs agoClueless yet straightforward 23 hrs agoW picks up painting as a hobby.18 hrs agoDO YOU HAVE BRAIN DAMAGE?

/pol/ plans to sabotage billboard

/pol/ plans to sabotage billboard Who looks at the titles anyway 14 hrs agoRonnie Goes On A "Magical" Train Ride With Morgan Freeman?22 hrs agoThat awkward moment when!

4Chan rates a map

4Chan rates a map Mun strategicchokepointWeird jaggedWhodesigned this,an alien?evil hurries who want toworld and destroycivilization as we know it livehere.

Free kekistan - #kekfugees welcome

videos QuizzesBuzzfeed NewsTasty MoreFREE PAKISTAN -The Pakistani people are being oppressed.the Pakistani people have been long oppressed byThey should no longer hold in their shitposts in tear or being oppressed or called a bigot,racist, nan.