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Stuff I found on /k/ 2?

Stuff I found on /k/ 2? i Anonymous 08/ 29/ 17( Tue) 10: 21: 13 No.35006751ffriend is in the RAFaon base in Central Englandflight comes in from Germanyare unloading when they discover amigrant hiding on boardhad somehow snuck onto a military base inGermany and then onto a flight without beingnoticedGRAF police and arr about what to do withthe guyfor base intruders is to escort them offbase the same way they came inthat' s not happening here since theycan' t fly him back to Germany on a Herculessin the end they decide to just dunnp him outsidethe main gate, call the border force and wipe theirhands of the whole thingsnorter takes a long time to get therer: -by the time they arrive the migrant hasdisappeared into the English countryside endingup who knows where

A comp found in your shoe

A comp found in your shoe You are not alone.But North is alone forever 13 mns agoAnother video by Felix Colgrave 30 mns agoVelcom to Hidroolic press channel 36 mns agomore music webms, misc webms 39 mns agoDrinking milk before you go to bed.

New Yorker is an idiot

New Yorker is an idiot New Yorker shakes M k a thither -the ground three weeksBEFORE music festival then digsit up at the eventBy Michelle Gamay For Dailymail.comUpdated at 2: 29 PM on 8 September 2017Qt U tlt 3.