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The Official Jojo Comp Series #35

The Official Jojo Comp Series #35 Anon doesn't want to be like his father 16 mns ago"Few nations" meaning Japan I assume 17 mns agoEdanatl Seyticidr Fecanomp 39 mns agoIt appeals like, to male fantasy 43 mns ago"The OVA dub wasn't THAT bad" 46 mns agoDerrick is FIERCE, Derrick is TOUGH 47 mns agoOre no imouto konnani wake ganai 48 mns agoVirduatath Cakl Ividivalf 53 mns agoYo FJ, therapy session time 1 hr ago

Real Good You Guys: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Real Good You Guys: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ” And we’re going to start with some real good anime/manga.It’s also really, really, really weird.

How do you chill?

chillin on a Saturday nightItal daturaCalm down Jojoyou' re right, I am looking a little stiff here, Ishould try to relaxYou call that "chillin"?Everyone knows the best way to relax is witha good book and a warm drinkI dunno, man,sometimes I like just relaxing on my laptopA, bitchloadget on my level boysUnfortunately to "get on your level" I' d need aboat trip to the Mariana Trench and a pair ofcinderblock shoes.

Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo

Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo That is some serious skill 3 mns agoThe Strongest Legend of Cirno 7 mns agoWhy there should be an age restriction to changing gender 8 mns agoGirl sends her mom odd messages, mom takes them seriously 18 mns agoLive feed: Hurricane Irma from ground 21 mns agoThese video game graphics look like real life 28 mns agoAriel wants in on the leg action 33 mns agoObake Life - Takahashi Ichirou 35 mns agoGluttony in the latest FMA LAM poster 35 mns agoThought this was pretty cool 43 mns ago