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Trash - Samurai III (My final post)

Trash - Samurai III (My final post) Is Hindu Nationalism the lastBastion of Hope against Islam?5 mns agoA Movie Cursed By The Devil Itself 17 mns agoAs if hand holding wasn't enough 27 mns agoRussia Brings Aid to Over 3,300 Syrians 34 mns agoApply to be a crop duster they said, it would be fun they said 44 mns agoFinally some sanity in my feed 46 mns ago

Random Jojo Facts Comp. (3/?)

Random Jojo Facts Comp. (3/?) Ten cool facts, as usual, I'll also try to add the super swaggeroli cannoli MENTION LIST FOR MY COMPS down with the last picture.Captain Tennille Impostor's real name was never revealed, and in every form of media he's referred to as "Impostor Captain Tennille" or, more simply, "The Impostor".

Jesus was the original JoJo

Jesus was the original JoJo casus was probably the first stand user if you think about itdelete your blogtlt:tacosoldierI' ll summon my stand, Wary Ghosts to make sure this party has enoughbread and fish for all!The funny thing is, according to Steel Ball Run, Jesus was the first Jodi.