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Bernie Loves Identity Politics

Bernie Loves Identity Politics Bernie Sanders Q.The attacks on abortion rights that we wenow would not be happening if 80 percentof the US.

Anon tries masturbation tips

Anon tries masturbation tips i Anonymous 03/ 19/ 17( Sun) 1 1: 09: 09 No.35624375bbe meffeel horny and want to jerk offresearch up ‘masturbation tips for7.

Putin is a jerk

Putin is a jerk ned flanders is my spirit animal 22 hrs agoHow to miss it from a mile away 21 hrs agoThat's one hell of a military career 18 hrs agoAre you uncomfortable yet?part 7 16 hrs agoDank Anime Weebms Part 96 20 hrs agoFirst post in a long time 23 hrs agoThrough the Fire and Flames GMV 18 hrs agoWhen you thought she said hi to you 21 hrs agoKids the buckeling part 3 15 hrs agoRaletise Suermor Ryiduerse 19 hrs ago

what are the chances

what are the chances l Anonymous ':So We bean cumming in my roommatess body wash because they' reannoying as fuck, For like two months,jerk it in the the pump,dump it in, and glee its good shake.

Likeing traps is homophobic and transphobic

Likeing traps is homophobic and transphobic no they' re saying those men are misogynistic AND homophobic,while those women are just homophobic.So, if men watch lesbian porn, it' s because they hate women, and gay people.