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Anon has girlfriend issues

Anon has girlfriend issues 738776618A couple of years ago, one night, I wasabout to propose to my girlfriend when myroommate Joseph barged into the porchout of nowhere, tripped and fell over,breaking a glass table with his face.He was walking around withone of those cotton pads on his eye for a couple ofmonths.

"Woman can do mean things"

the reg feiern bottthink it is very telling that the biggest issues mraz can complain about belldewBut ldek' t like being called em wee I' m a %Fallowed closely byWomen can dd mean things sometimes Real sexism is humerous government departments dealing with ' sissues but Edee dealing with men' s issues.

Robot has mommy issues

Robot has mommy issues Has anyone seen Wonder Woman yet?22 hrs agoTalion Kevo Picilf Ofiabored 23 hrs agoWhen someone apologizes sincerely in the middle of an argument 23 hrs agoSome Anons from /pol/ had some fun with a billboard 12 hrs agoHow to ruin someone's day 22 hrs agoAnon explains the lack of White Walkers in GOT 22 hrs ago

Anon has daddy issues

Anon has daddy issues 5 Anonymous!17( Thu)‘ : 19: 33 No.

Anons discuss Eric Clanton aka the bike lock guy

Anons discuss Eric Clanton aka the bike lock guy 4: is melt - Eric Clinton issues statement - Politically Incorrect - when FPost a Reply)Returns [Catalog] [Bottom] [Update] C) Auto] 12/ 62 / ,File: erie.jgg (9 KB, 199x199}C) Erie Clinton issues statement Anonymous (ID: -1, 1ssl 38172407 ' ::shay name is Eric.

Tyranny v1.2.0.0121 Patch Released

Tyranny v1.2.0.0121 Patch Released A new v1.2.