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so CH t) poms 1 hour agoI dent really see prenatal alcohol exposure as an Issue of bodily autonomy, but as a man, I' m going tocheck my privilege here and step back and see what others have to say.I see it as more of an ableism Issue.

Assassin’s Creed Last Descendants: Locus Issue #2 – Comic Review -

Assassin’s Creed Last Descendants: Locus Issue #2 – Comic Review - So here is the next installment of the new Assassin’s Creed comic book saga, Locus: The Last Descendants, set in both the Victorian timeline and of course the modern day.In the last issue, we where introduced to our hero of the Victorian age, Tommy Greyling and his quest to find the strange alien artifact, a piece of Eden.

Fuck off, we're full

Fuck off, we're full Political meme, I hate political memes 01/21/2017This is getting out of hand 16 hrs agoSpare change to make it hail on woman 12 hrs agoLet the orc solve the problem 17 hrs agoWhy Olivia Is #1 Pokewaifu 23 hrs agoMaster skywalker,there's to many of them 18 hrs agoTo my brothers across the pond.15 hrs agoHis bark is worse than his bite.

Tea: the hard stuff

Tea: the hard stuff pol/ on Trump's Refugee Ban 22 hrs agoMonday's Cute Things - 30/1/2017 21 hrs agoI'm a spider, so what?Ch 14.

Trump from a Teacher

Trump from a Teacher January 28 ata: ahA vote for this "man," was an egocentric vote against CNN " Like PageJanuary's ata: ElA father not able to see his childrenA son concerned over his father' s travel plansA daughter witnessing her father crying for the first timeA student' s education on holdStudent, doctor, son banned by Trump: "tiliw what?

The Google Pixel audio bug has been fixed with the February security patch

The Google Pixel audio bug has been fixed with the February security patch More: Demand for the Pixel and Pixel XL now exceed supply Meanwhile, another customer raised a separate problem to Phone Arena.The audio problems don’t appear to be restricted to either the Pixel or Pixel XL or any specific configurations, which is another positive sign that they can be circumvented through software.

Known Issue – Jungle Gin

We are aware of an issue being reported in Jungle Gin in which players state that if they win a hand, the game will then freeze and the next hand will not deal.This appears to be account specific and not happening to everyone.

Beauty and the Beast

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