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Oh you haven't heard?

Oh you haven't heard? Does this look like the face of.By:1 mn ago Eevee is still my favorite PokemonBy:4 mns ago karma he only went out for a paperBy:6 mns ago Overwatch Hero's from "Recall"By:7 mns ago Our instincts tell us to always be rightBy:8 mns ago obviously fake, the gif is reversedBy:11 mns ago Upvote Money Dog and I promise you nowtBy:16 mns ago Adam West Was a Grammar NaziBy:16 mns ago

Breaking News: Butthurt man is butthurt

Breaking News: Butthurt man is butthurt 5, 922, 885 viewswaste " Share oqq Mare d 139, 397.Can' t mean Tm the CEO of my company, and need to leak clean cut andtaille, professional while meeting with clients and colleagues?

/fit/izen is on a diet

/fit/izen is on a diet What' s the lowest calorie diet you' ever been on while cutting mil?Ci% t',' l I' m currently on a we calorie diet.

Anon is a metal gear enthusiast

Anon is a metal gear enthusiast ea couple of months ago31258 folder of Metal Gearwhen we fuck I directly quote shit from Metal Gear gamesyou' re pretty good" and shit like thatbin a relationship fora monthsRome back homemail her namemo responseinto my roomewes sitting in front of my computer.watching MGSV trailershat the fuck are you do-"iunderstand what happenedewe alt tabs to the folder.