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Anon has feels for wheels

Anon has feels for wheels File: , ipg (35 KB, 1280x720)bath gradeotheres a new kid in classlovely girl in a wheelchairblendy hairgreen eyesUnwary pale skindoesn' t many friendsegg me en to make the her one day during breakimmediately think my choices regarding the social hierarchy of schewl have been less than optimalawalk up to her and get a gem leek at her faceat 3.14may to her that my friends are douches and are trying to make me hurt hersshe thanks me tor telling her and we haye a little be of Idle chatewe get on to the topic of horrible friendswwe have so much in commenIrene gets really riled up at the horror stories I tell her abaut my friends and their bullyingand makes this adorable puffed up cheek face and wheels dyer to them in a cute rageand begins to tell them off but trails eff midwaytthe boyfriends pull out metal rulers and scissorsea tiny friend (tth grade) slaps her an the wrist with the rulerht} HYOUBU DNT, lpgerase over and snatch the ruler eff of the little fuckproceed to beat the shit out himand bruises all over himaother friends back effbl get called the principals office along with wheelchair girl and seme ether deucheMeet suspended for a monththanks me and attempts to kiss me on the cheek while leaving school that dayWad kneel down a bit since shes in a wheel chairwas still incredibly cuteInsteed really with myselfmeme back to school a month laterbut she died a week MNIt was my first and only white knight exerience and it ended in tragedy.

/v/'s modified game titles

/v/'s modified game titles ipg A, (16 KB, 253x218} gewgle & visit1.44 No.

Robot gets a haircut

Robot gets a haircut File: OI Lr, ipg (52 KB, 500x349)Mcnally had the Courage to get a haircutHit in the chair at the hailsatan (its the only one in my shittytown)spuddenly somebody comes rushing in crying and screamingappearently a coshocker of the hailsatan had killed herselfml the women and fags working there started crying andcomforting eachothertthe customers who where still waiting decide too leave cut of respectHm still sitting silently in the corner of the shop with half of my hair cut off

Anon gets fired over free pizza.

Anon gets fired over free pizza. File: chair_ ipg as its )j, id Anyone else ever been fired due to their weight?to work at Pizza Hut as a delivery driverPpretty heftAabout?

/fit/izen almost makes it

/fit/izen almost makes it MI File:.ipg (39 KB, 509x619)I times where you have almost made itAnonymous 0310911 7( Thu) 11 :23: 00I am considering to renovate my apartmentjust to distract me from being myself /fit/female friend I have known formany yearsddo friend stuff, nothing fancysplan was that I stay the night if it gets toolateaoh boy I have prepared myself so long forthismclean shaven, got my best cologne out andeven bought a nice new tracksuit to hang around at her place (we are long pastgone the point where we pretend to not be while being at home )that nightgo to sleep and browse shit on our phoneswould clearly see her miring when I got out of the shower before bedIn have lifted so long for this very momentsuecide to be bold it' s now or neverhey wanna have sex'?

Anon summarizes maddow tax return fiasco.

Anon summarizes maddow tax return fiasco. MI File: tn._ ipg (87 KB, 960x727)chides tax returns for monthsthink something' s shady is in themappend months tryingto illegally get copyRachel Maddow))) gets hands on it and can' t resist releasing it tothe publicMums out Trump pays million in taxes.

Navy anon guys goes full retard

Navy anon guys goes full retard U Anonymous 04/ 07/ 17( Fri) 04: 55: 54 No.40986687File: we 0480.

anon had a revelation

anon had a revelation File: image_ ipg [ET KB, 450x615)Ithink Must had a revelation about why so many unarmed black men inparticular are killed by ceps.I noticed thatalmost every time a black dude ran, he would reach fer his waistband ashe was running.

Anon's job interview

Anon's job interview Fife: , ipg (95 KB, 394x404)Apply for a job at KFCScore a saterday interview because the regional manager is in townmien.Fm Anon"Hi Anon, nice to meet you"sitssitopens my folderPotarts with the typical interview questionsThe_ insecurity_ rises.

/pol/'s retarded son

/pol/'s retarded son 3 Anonymous on i) W, 04/ 26/ 17( Wed) 23: 58: 16 No.123007494 _23007787 2300791 5File: 1491785836082.

/v/irgin posts a fact

/v/irgin posts a fact ipg (87 KB, 600x900)Cl FIT: objective facts Anonymous (Witt/ ( Thu) 21:.397Persona 5 is objectively one of the of all time-Li Anonymous (( Thu).

Anon fails at suicide

Anon fails at suicide ipg (29 KB, 410x410)suicide fail thread‘?I' ll startwe mearound 12 years olddeppressed atstool: for food at my grand mothers housebooties too shalt is full or pillsseat a ole containerdays later.