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/pol/'s retarded son

/pol/'s retarded son 3 Anonymous on i) W, 04/ 26/ 17( Wed) 23: 58: 16 No.123007494 _23007787 2300791 5File: 1491785836082.

/v/irgin posts a fact

/v/irgin posts a fact ipg (87 KB, 600x900)Cl FIT: objective facts Anonymous (Witt/ ( Thu) 21:.397Persona 5 is objectively one of the of all time-Li Anonymous (( Thu).

Anon fails at suicide

Anon fails at suicide ipg (29 KB, 410x410)suicide fail thread‘?I' ll startwe mearound 12 years olddeppressed atstool: for food at my grand mothers housebooties too shalt is full or pillsseat a ole containerdays later.

Anon needs some /adv/ice

Anon needs some /adv/ice File: Domestic )/., ipg (74 KB, 640x424)I need some fucking help guysrile meo in collegeErgonomics majorbeen talking with an Elli] girl, lets call her JaneSouper sweet and niceheart melts whenever I see herget closeof find out she has a boyfriend named Jake (not real name)like trailer park trashAppearently her parents knew his family so they wanted her to have a relationship with himshe comes into class with bruisestells me she fell down the stairs or tripped or something like thater happiness starts to become faintMilne we were eating lunch after class and she broke downme all the stuff Jake didEeveryone' s concernedRoumor gets aroundHake finds outwane is too afraid to break up with himstart hanging out more near her housewant to be there in case Jake shows upjust do in my carday i see Jake pull in to her driveways steaming madof try to duck downof spill my drink all car seatstainedItried bleach, didn' t workHow do I fix this?

Anon is watching Drake & Josh

Anon is watching Drake & Josh an same gay 'tait he plays insteadLearne en.this shew is fer fags"at stilt want to watch thisturns an my Essexin gay game5.

Anon fucked your bitch

Anon fucked your bitch I Anonymous ' ( Surt) : 29 ' 1073897 -File: download_ ipg (13 KB, 293x172)am meac allegechanging out with friendsrand friends of friendsstalking to this little qt 3.14yher boyfriend comes overaoh she' s takenHuck it Fm over itsboyfriend says "dude what the fuck?

dont shrink the PTSD

dont shrink the PTSD File: dede_ ipg [tilt its swim}Afghanistan vet,shad gotten out of the Army a few months priorsits one of my friends birthdaysewe take him to a dub, net really my scene but whatevereveryine is dancing er drinking to shitty teed music, theres too many people, its hot as satans dick and theres smoke in hereaim trying to have a good time er at least net look as out of place as I feel, which mostly means hanging by the barHeme young kid near me passes out, like literatly dead fish flops ever and hits his head en the way down (later would find out its a mix of dehydration and bad drugs)age into auto pilot.start en CPR and putting napkins to his headsabout hadf the people in the club stops and watches me, some try to help er call 911sthe adrenaline makes most of it a blur, remember bits and pieces vividly like heading the napkins to his gash er helping him onto the stretchereerie of the Ems says I should go with them to the hospital, in case I knew anythingsim in the waiting reem when a doctor comes ever to me and asks how doings" irn doing fine, hews the other guy"s" hm heard hes , but not ene of those doctors a psychiatrist.

a feel good story?

a feel good story? TI Anonymous (ID: cel {Zifv' ‘ " l [ Wed} 1 8: 34: 43 No.477045509File: ".

Anon is a driver

Anon is a driver a real human bean.ipgAvie and qt coworker finishing work late andclosing upAh anon can you drive me home?

Anon debates on whether it's "gif" or "jif"

Anon debates on whether it's "gif" or "jif" 247x204)I Anonymous / & 17( Sat) 09: 38: 38 (/ ( Sat) CM Nro.

Thots are a threat to humanity

Thots are a threat to humanity File:.ipg We KB,I Thole Are Creating Super Bacteria Anonymous (ID: ) ll '( Sat) 21:.

Anon is the clear winner

Anon is the clear winner File: fiat.ipg (114 KB, 699x800)Li Anonymous 07/ ( Tue) 18: 50: 01 Fme on my new gaming laptopFfriend calls me onto discordme if We had a hot day of sex (l know where this is going)s Proceeds to tell me that he lost his virginity to said day aboveeBay congratstell him I finished dark souls 3 and its dim (which he is play)quiet for a few secondsthe discordI think we all know who' s the winner hereimage familiar

4chan's realization that Groundhog Day is a guide for betas

4chan's realization that Groundhog Day is a guide for betas ipg no as 5121151 2)What is the best Bill Murray film?spreken FlowersLost in TranslationBut a weeaboo fuckLl Anonymous 07/ / raison) 21 43: 1?

Anon is a good sibling

Anon is a good sibling File: crow.ipg ( KB, 250x250}AUP]We got a hot oneme, 19cheating home from party with my sister, extremely hammeredoopen door as quiet as possible and lead my borderline blacked out sister insideMister, for parents.

Anon uses meme arrows irl

Anon uses meme arrows irl File: meme arrow irw.ipg (16 KB, 272x267)anyone else greentext irl like pic related?

Anon deals with an infestation

Anon deals with an infestation ipg (68 KB, 590x525)3334713152 (OP)Last year I had a huge wasp nest on the overhang of my sun room- I washaving some friends over that afternoon to use the pool and the fuckerswere flying everywhere.I grabbed my shop van and sucked up every songone of those bastard's and their nest.