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Pole Comp 12: Inch Clock

Pole Comp 12: Inch Clock Hello and we actually made it to the next comp without any delay.Many of which you likely haven't seen here before.

You think so Anon?

You think so Anon? y Eeveryone wants Trump to invadet :winstead of invasion, he airfieldxi t, Prussians were warned and leftg tthe Syrians probably followedgnc) ground invasionhall the neocons are satisfiedswanning to fat kimswanning to IranRemember that the US and allies (mostlyAussies) once killed a hundred or SO SAA directlywith airstrikes and nothing happened, then therewas the other time a NATO member shot down aRussian jet and nothing happened, Turkeyactually invaded Syria last year and nothinghappened, this is a minuscule happeningcompared to those

Antifa wants to invade /pol/

Antifa wants to invade /pol/ Antifa is trying to assimilatedin 2 pointsthere is no other option for us,Elf course there is: Take over fool!moot first you need to lurk u to learn their tensions and weak points.