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PARIS ATTACK! BMW RAMS SOLDIERS! French police hunting a man who rammed a car into a group of soldiers in Paris early Wednesday morning have arrested a suspect in the case.The man was shot and wounded as he was being apprehended on a highway north of Paris, a spokeswoman for the Paris prosecutor told.

Fa/tg/uy deals with that guy.

Fa/tg/uy deals with that guy. r' Ill ‘I That GuyNo.YesterdayPNG 376.

I like the irony here

I like the irony here Rising of the Shield Hero ch.5 2 mns agoCan't Malarkey the Starkey 21 mns agoWhat have you done, Dave?

Depositing Money into Online Casinos : Credit Cards and Gambling

Methods of Depositing Money into an Online Casino It is 98% guaranteed that your credit or debit card will not work at an online casino even though the casinos offer this option of payment.Most US banks do not allow deposits to gambling sites online, and that is not a moral statement they are making, it is to protect themselves against customers who deposit money into casinos one night, lose it, then complain the next day that they should not have spent the money.

/g/entooman will have his revenge

/g/entooman will have his revenge Only one ofthem [otherthan me) got into university, the others went into deadhand type jobs.Despite all this, most of them are having their third or fourth child while barely being 25 years old,and very little income.