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Inside the Development of Dishonored 2

Inside the Development of Dishonored 2 GameInformer has published a video interview with Arkane Studios' co-creative director Harvey Smith focusing on the development of Dishonored II and the culture at the studio.No breaking news or additional information on the game, but if you're interested in the process of development and the philosophy at the internal Bethesda studio (though one with a pretty extensive independent past), it's well worth a watch.

If You're Interested

If You're Interested Verizon ''lri' i' 10: 50 PMBen KaplanMessageToday 10119 PMMy friend has 2 tickets for theSUPER BOWL, both box seats.Hepaid , 500 for each ticket, but hedidn' t realize last year when hebought them, that it was going tobe the same day of his wedding.

/pol/ on sad trannies

/pol/ on sad trannies dew m: Ext mmg (345 KB, 770x415)2:; - 33082 34772Transgender 'Girl' Saddened and She: ked That Straight Boys Aren' t interested in Herwe make it illegal to not go en at least a first date when transgender is confirmed?Can we call itthe Give A Girl A Try Act?