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God damn it fallout

God damn it fallout The Snark on this guy is EPIC.21 hrs agoDeclare ANTIFA a terrorist organization 21 hrs agowho's a good boy?

I Wouldn't Mind

I Wouldn't Mind Update on Nikki the Piggy 1 mn agoPresident fires moon for blocking view of the sun 7 mns agoCubow Owill Raknys Vaisoub 13 mns agoTrans Arent Allowed In The Military 13 mns agoAnyone here played the new Quake game?22 mns agoCulloscedo Velucki Irgapsul 25 mns agoARMS has another new character 30 mns agotfw that guy you like thinks you're criminally insane 35 mns agoLisa killed off the Simpsons 37 mns ago