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robot might be going to jail.

robot might be going to jail. I File: IMG 5103-" (617 KB, 936x1339)I What the fuck do I do?Anonymous350_ 50993_ 50_ 51015at retail storeEstore manager is a cute tiny AnnaKendrick looking womans married with kidsAalways gives me cute little smilesand looks like those anime girls dowhen they like the protagonistTooday she invites me into her officeto "talk" and closes the doorcompletely misread her intentionsand end up groping hers horrified and tells me nojust leaveI' m sitting in the stock room as we speak trying to process all this.

/k/ in New Vegas, NCR edition

/k/ in New Vegas, NCR edition Anonymous 02/ :21 :35 FFile: IMG (1.08 MB, 200x200)lite Her soldiergget same report that same important guy willbe visitingSSE) e guy they were talking eheutWe has a pet deathclaw that' s wearing a taphatbe rad mach that has a PHDSSC) mt?

Anon plays with Brasilians

Anon plays with Brasilians File: IMG Stirbt» 6.gng (637 KB, 640x1136)competitive match in csgo, iisparred with a bunch of brasilians, who seem to know each otherwwe are just on T site as CT, just fucking around while it' s warm upbather are speaking in Br so can' t understand shitwhey don' t seem to get that much english nor spanish at allwwhile this goes on, I get a headshot killMae of my team says via voice commands "Nice!

This got settled fast

This got settled fast U Anonymous (ID: -E}.libi DWI (ll ( Fri) No.

Anon sees a doctor

Anon sees a doctor MI File: IMG _' ppg (22 KB, 480x272)Ll Anonymous (( Sat).20 No.

would u swipe right?

would u swipe right? I' m trans.Detho you stilllike me?

Anons discuss Zack Snyder films

Anons discuss Zack Snyder films T( Man) 112203 s s: -912451511231006 BF’:k.see marvel flick you have seen them all.

beta as fuck /b/tard tells a tragic tale for the ages

beta as fuck /b/tard tells a tragic tale for the ages File: IMG.29 No.

/tv/ analyzes the newest Netflix series

/tv/ analyzes the newest Netflix series File: IMG dotjpg (16 KB, 182x268)YHERE IS )MYSELFwwent out with guy eberyone warned me about saying he was an assholewe was an assholeffriends grew apart from megguys said i have nice assbircks are assholes but i still interact with them constantlywee asian countried being nice to me and i was a complete cunt and humiliated himwe took seme drawing from my bagwhether nice cute guy likes mebi scream at him and he leaves like i said teeITS HIS FAULT FOR NOT STAYINGwhitness friend get raped and do nothingwe traumatized i Hemetthen to rapists partyjstrap dawn to almost nothingwang out in jacuzziwe semes in and i stay and even smile at himwe gets closewent say mo er even put Lip vague fightGOT REPEL) SURPRISEiviark out en i didnt Disclose any details teewe says there is nothing he can doVWHAT Atthen the tapes i left behind made sameone kill themself.SC) ) m?

Jesus died like a black man, with his arms up.

Jesus died like a black man, with his arms up. Return] [Catalog] [Bottom] [Update] [Auto] 13 I 22 I all I 2File: FE IMG [elf KB, 804x884)I How can you call Jesus an white man?swing"When he died in the blackest way possible?

:: News :: Krefeld Battleground up and running

com news headlines Today - Krefeld Battleground up an.44€ Capital upcoming broadcasts Today    11:00 b2k vs Fraggers back 2 kill vs Fraggers Krefeld Battleground 3on3 LAN 19.

Anon is ashamed of his soup

Anon is ashamed of his soup rile: IMG (325 KB, 601x665)I Anonymous (( Thu) : 29.333133333339139391 333141354 339141232 'What are you most ashamed of having eaten, anon?