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Liberals never ceases to amaze.

Liberals never ceases to amaze. s, Follow VImagine choosing a college based on whereyour slut daughter can kill your grandkidsMary Beth Williams tll' 'Today I talked w a mom whosedaughter interviewed at a top Ohiocollege.She said no way they' resending her there w 6 week abortionban.

/pol/itician explains Islam

/pol/itician explains Islam i Anonymous (ID: , ikill ) IslImagine you had to make up a new religion for acontest.The religion that exists a thousand yearsfrom now wins.

Anon's a morning person

Anon's a morning person i Anonymous 02/ 15/ 17( Wed) 18: 47: 09 No.34898847Imagine being able to wake upwith this same joy and desire tobegin another day, not crawlingout of your bed in a stupor ofdepression and stumblingtowards the tasks at hand.