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Illegal immigration cures diseases

Illegal immigration cures diseases ldacHenryToday Henry' s condition is much improved"E SVT/ ScreenshotSW Meetings withdiversity can curediseasesPublished February IS, 2017 at (19: 41DOMESTIC.Illegal immigration from the Third World can havepositive, previously unknown medical effects on public health.

Illegal Alien Boycott, Funded by I.C.E.


Wall could save 64 billion over 10 years

Wall could save 64 billion over 10 years 12: 07A new study by the Center forImmigration Studies (CIS)reveals savings created byreducing illegal immigrationthrough an effective borderwall could save taxpayersbillion over the next ten years.Even a small reduction in the numbers ofillegal border crossings could save enoughmoney to pay for the estimated tobillion cost of building the wall promised byPresident Donald Trump during hispresidential campaign.

The Second American Civil War

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