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I guess, idk thoughts?

I guess, idk thoughts? Parents let son dress up as Clinton for Halloweenfaggots get accused of Child abuse for letting their faggot dress as cunt.8 year old girl from Alabama picks Melania Trump for her schools favorite first lady project.

Funny and Cringe Comp 2.094395102...

Funny and Cringe Comp 2.094395102... terror attacks are part of living in a big city 21 hrs agoOnly the poise may know the peace from this evil.23 hrs agoLast known image of abhuman guardsmen.

please tell me it's fake

please tell me it's fake Anyone know any places to take Jason to for a tattoo?Just has so youngidk any places thaw do it myself, need recommendations/uh Like I Cammenteras/ Like.

Germany starts another war

Germany starts another war Like we always say "Better you than me." 34 mns agoWas this supposed to be a joke Nintendo?

I Don't Understand How Some Women

I Don't Understand How Some Women Fossil footprints found in Crete 16 hrs ago(Average Texan, looking for gasoline and land, circa 2017) 16 hrs ago/pol/ solves world hunger 23 hrs agoSaying Harry Potter and Hermione Granger are white is racist 21 hrs agoHave you tried google translate?4 hrs agoThe Four Elements Specialized, Non-benders 20 hrs agoWhat we all want to do with dragons 9 hrs ago