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Tea: the hard stuff

Tea: the hard stuff pol/ on Trump's Refugee Ban 22 hrs agoMonday's Cute Things - 30/1/2017 21 hrs agoI'm a spider, so what?Ch 14.

Types of Comp Trainers

Types of Comp Trainers tiga SHEA TIME 'ARE ALL LEWT., I SWEARWHAT IDIOT CALLED ITIn st wants to sh ow off 'POKEMON' AN D NOThow zleyer they are at coming T' '?

Guide to British Slang

Guide to British Slang Guide to British SlangTosser - IdiotCocktus - Screw upI Bloody ' DamnI Give You A Bell - Call youBlimeys - My GoodnessWanker - IdiotI Gutted - DevastatedBespoke - Custom MadeChuffed - ProudIO, Fancy w Likell, Sod Off - Piss off12.Homer -n Vacuum16, Kip - Sleep or nap17, Bee' s Knees.