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comp: MAXIMUM EDITION 3 A story about admins soundtrack 18 hrs agoOh.sorry about that.

Veteran FB Dump: Trigger List

Veteran FB Dump: Trigger List TRIGGER WARNINGBefore you scroll down an get butt hurt, remember that the military and veterans have been at the **** end of the stick of politicians since 1775Yes, we have political opinions.They are usually crude and unpopular because they sound mean.

dogs about to sneeze

dogs about to sneeze Fakicucap Gedsak Sustophi 3 mns ago"I don't wear it for you, perv." 9 mns agoAnon asks out a 5th grader 23 mns agoCheck our this stupid vid 24 mns agoSomysho Dofagite Zaptoncodr 29 mns agoPrince Comet & bad girl Marcia 41 mns agoMupofrie Oprodade Ytlyotorna 42 mns agoWell, I guess this exists 42 mns agoYou are a euphoria girl what do you do.