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Duni Pima Pinsi Atuim

I I Garlic Bread Memes added a new photo:IE 3 hrs.itNM.

Trump Abusing the Elderly

Trump Abusing the Elderly shared Just President Trump Things photo.FJust President Trump Things , Like pagetbl hrsThis is a leaked photo from the late Hull' s where Trump was dared he several onhisfriends to abuse an elderly man.

Trump killed my dog too

Trump killed my dog too TI hrs I Miami, FL - AMy 99 year old Grandma could not face 4 years of Trumpand has broke on through to the other side.Happy that shemet my daughter and happy she was able to live on her ownunassisted to the end.

Ivanka at the White House

Ivanka at the White House Taking a call in the White House with my personal assistant Theodore-.stir Litre I Comment Ar Share I‘and others Top Comments _5.

Ken M on Drones

Ken M on Drones Drone helping mission to ship fuel to Alaska townhe By MARY PEMBERTON I Associated Press - 7 hrs agoinstead mowing wee tip, this we guy decided to be helper) honetly wemow the example set bath's plucky we heroDaniel I Mansfield, Ethic: I "slit Humans control the you Edict