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Pre3: Sony comes clean on Neo as FB inks a deal with Blizzard

The week before E3, or Pre3, as I'm now christening it, can go one of two ways.This week has largely been the former, with the major leaks having been run comfortably to ground some weeks ago.

Anon's embarrassing story

You think you faggots no embarrassing?we about years oldDoolittle cousin is sleeping in bed.

Emily Wants To Play Review

Emily Wants To Play Review You walk into a room filled with flipped furniture and three or four creepy dolls scattered in the halls of a normal urban house.What isn’t normal about this house is the fact that a small girl has no intention of giving you an easy out.

Meet the Coaches Running a Camp for League Players

Meet the Coaches Running a Camp for League Players I think, in part, that comes with the medium of the internet and being disconnected from who you’re playing against or with.We’ve spent decades playing organized sport, and playing esports, so we thought they should come together.