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Anon translates Tumblr-speak

Anon translates Tumblr-speak i' m 19 years old.i identify predominantly as female,i' m also a proud feminist.

Vagina engines chopped my dick off

Vagina engines chopped my dick off What' s the most useful thing youlearned during sex?dday via 5-.

‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’ could be longer than ‘Uncharted 3’

‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’ could be longer than ‘Uncharted 3’ In fact, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy could be even longer than Uncharted 3.“There’s no way we could, sort of, constrict and restrain ourselves, and that’s exactly what was happening here.

We wuz kangz and shied

We wuz kangz and shied Maori 13 hours ago (edited)Hey look white people playing Egyptians again.smhHide replies itMandingo Party is hours agoShe is from North Africa.

Portable power station The River can hold its 500-watt charge for a year

Portable power station The River can hold its 500-watt charge for a year Thanks to the River Portable Power Station‘s 500-watt battery, you’ll be able to recharge a smartphone more than 30 times, or send enough electricity to a small refrigerator to keep it operational for up to 10 hours.Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the River is the number of charging ports it contains.

Anon talks about his childhood

Anon talks about his childhood IcawNC?291 3221 7 6 hours agowe an we 40(Weird Shit You Experienced as a Kid threadbbe 'rayo memad is in hospital w/ his tth heart attackH have to poopI was given directions to was closed forcleaningAabout to shit pantsbathroom in employee only areaReprint to itup stallgiant black dude on his kneessucking off a skeleton dude that was maybearound and runshit until I get home 12 hours later

the madman actually did it

the madman actually did it 2 hours ago- 'l SharesMassive Explosions As Putin Drops ‘NewType Of Bomb‘ In SyriaClaire Reid in NEWSFootage which reportedly show Russian jets dropping bombs on rebel forces in Syria hasemerged.Massive explosions were filmed in the towns of Sauran, Talbot , Halfass andin Hama Province, AI Mastar News reports.


SPELL THAT SHIT OUT! a r/ The_ | [TIE TWITTER @iii') In light of the recent events at UT Dallas gm.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Shill Nye the cringe guy.53 snds agoDealing with shill youtube gaymers (satire) 5 mns agoNothing of value was lost that day (satire) 7 mns agoMurenase!

Anon takes an Exam

Anon takes an Exam I Exam Taking Anonymous (( yesd) : 48 No/ 36572409Exam taking story time?rile mestudentGeluid Mechanics Exam in 2 hoursthis I' m gonna failrarReemember I am Lactose Intoleranthit I can eat some Ice Cream, I will fartMaaking the room smell bad will force everyone in the lecture hall to leave early to avoid the smellwill bring the average down so the prof will have to curve the examPluckily my farts are silent but deadlymy devilish planHIE gallon chipto lecture halltummy is rumblingdown to take test and I feel the absurd amount of gas buildup in my rectumbeginsabout 15 Namesakes in 25 minuteswall silent, but all deadlyPeeople begin to leave around the 20 minute mark of a 90 minute examrues I finish, there are only 2 people left, one being the profand my test in and head homemmy plane ork ed.