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The story of omeletteman

The story of omeletteman Lady Gaga Confirms she will be Political 21 hrs agoregressive liberals are losing it 23 hrs agoOld man beats thief with cane 22 hrs agoAn owl and a puppy's friendship 23 hrs agoCBS: Statue of Liberty WUZ Muslim 20 hrs agoTRUDEAU WILL FALL, THE LEAF RISES 20 hrs agoDnD How To: Villages and HQs 11 hrs ago

The fans will scare Irma away

The fans will scare Irma away Hurricane Irma may find US immigration difficult as 59,000 people claim they’ll point their fans in its direction in an effort to deny it entry.A Facebook event has gone viral in the hope of preventing the category 4 storm from reaching Florida.