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New Legendary Badges Remix 2007’s Greatest Hits

A new batch of Legendary Badges is here!This time we we’re remixing some long-lost Mix-n-Match hits from 2007, complete with all-new Challenges for Pogo’s most popular games.

Anon purchased a silicone sculpture

Anon purchased a silicone sculpture i Anonymous ( Mon) 05:' : 21met a phone callhits the lady from UPSasking about my "siliconesculpture"kneeds me to tell her what184 KB PNG exactly I purchased socustoms can be paidcorrectlyways "it also says there is lubricant,importing oil into the country has a heavytangie"ssays that if I can proof the "sculpture" isby a credited artist I can get money off onthe import chargesfuck