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Hit me with that good shit

Hit me with that good shit Why you shouldn't be eating hotdogs 4 mns agoGet the internet!For those GTA4 fans 4 mns agoHi finnally did it, i got a GF!

When will they learn!

When will they learn! I got kicked out of my gym yesterday.pic relatedWhat is this strange contraption?

stop giving students false hope

if young rokkai don't trust you.9 mns agoDon't ever join the service 10 mns agoWeapon in hand as they made their stand 16 mns agoone of the only good naruto fillers 19 mns ago/g/entooman will have his revenge 24 mns agoAnon wants to get roasted 32 mns agoTHE MAYOR OF CVILLE WORKED FOR OBAMA'S STATE DEPARTMENT 37 mns agoThis is all I think off when seeing the image 37 mns ago