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Deku was all of us when we were kids

Deku was all of us when we were kids This scene hit me hard when I first saw it.Because it reminded me of how I was always bullied and made fun off by filthy Kanakes.

Professor fired for Harvey tweets

Professor fired for Harvey tweets Florida professor who tweetedTexans deserved Harvey forsupporting Trump is firedBy Frank MilesPublished August 29, 2017Fox NewsKen Storey ultimately apologized for his tweet on Harvey victims.A visiting University of Tampa professor ofsociology was fired Tuesday after hesuggested in a tweet Sunday that Texansdeserved Hurricane Harvey because of theirsupport for President Donald Trump in the2016 election.

love a happy ending!

love a happy ending! In: l' new hue and : in http/ read.t 'f"' Updater'"' "Update with my fiance and his familyput new was behind Us and um bark In important wenae.

They never knew what hit them

They never knew what hit them First dates are always cute 6 mns agoDiscord bans NAZI bronies 17 mns agoif Ice comes to your door.21 mns ago[TYT] Rush Limbaugh: Hurricanes Are Fake News 36 mns agoDaily News September 6-2017 54 mns agoMemes i never get the chance to use 1 hr agoWhen the beta becomes the CHAD 1 hr agoI came to bring this song From the world of dreams.

Robot remembers his childhood

Robot remembers his childhood Fat Joe,Nas & Big Pun,Jadakiss,Raekwon - John Blaze 6 mns agoGuys Like This Have 150% Chance of Stealing Your Waifu 16 mns agoGyate / Ohayou Comp ~ Imperishable Night Edition 28 mns agoBuild complete; welcome the New Hotness!30 mns agoUndertale music over Kim Jong Il's funeral 33 mns agoPolice Dog Mutilates Unarmed Man’s Leg 36 mns agoPac-Mania [Sega Genesis] Soundtrack - 1991 1 hr ago20 years ago today, a star was born.

Bojack hit way too close to home with this

Bojack hit way too close to home with this Anon fights back against pirates 7 mns agoI am, an Englishman.An Englishman, am I.