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Anon lets his /pol/ show

Anon lets his /pol/ show Poisonous vs Edible Berries 3 mns ago"Let's go, John!The dog park awaits!

joke a day 65

A man goes to the doctor with a long history of migraine headaches.When the doctor does his history and physical, he discovers that the poor guy has tried practically every therapy known to man for his migraines and STILL no improvement.

anon lets his /pol/ show

anon lets his /pol/ show Sorry if this is Edgelord 19 mns agoThat Georgie fella ain't right, I tell ya hwhat!19 mns agoHow part 3 should have ended 27 mns agoPokemon: The First Movie - Not As Good As You Think 1 hr agoMCINNES BLOWS ROGAN'S MIND LIKE AN IED 1 hr agouseful for world building.

I guess I can still hang out with her

I guess I can still hang out with her LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT BACK IN MY DAY 5 mns agoNorth Korea is Best Korea 12 mns agoWhen admin has to remind you that you're a loser 33 mns agoSilly woman, you knew damn well I was a snake 37 mns agoBrock Turner now in Criminology 101 textbooks 42 mns agoLet's talk about the important things 1 hr agoAm I alone in reminding North Korea?1 hr agoCrixuz's true identity revealed 1 hr ago

Anon goes to dinner with his uncle

Anon goes to dinner with his uncle i, Anonymous / 14/ 17( Thu) 08: 55: 53bungle gets divorcedwas a real bitchfgets depressedaabout a year later decides he wants to beN a woman715 KB PINK) ::stakes hormones but has the build of alinebacker2' to a restaurant for another (uncle retiring from theArmythe time i was in the Marines and in my uniform forthe retirementbrny grandpa was in his army uniformr» -then my uniqlo comes dressed like 16 year old girleeveryone is embarrassedrny uncle is super loud and makes a sceneeeveryone is staring at ustthen my uncle starts crying for no goddamn reasoncanade everything about heryher

sperit can't handle criticism, deletes his posts

What is with this guy?You can't even question his accusations without him deleting everything.

an FJ user died :(

an FJ user died :( I remember seeing him en is terrible , (Hey pineapplechunkss, did his cousin say anything else?I am Joseph, Cemen aka Glenn' s cousin,cm September 15th, 2017 Glenn/ Comet passed away while in his bed.

How Game of Thrones ends

How Game of Thrones ends Memes that taste like moose meat 23 mns agoWhat the hell did you think was in it?26 mns agoOtelyte Huctadrio Batisiont 30 mns agoArcher shoots arrows around a target 33 mns agoRoll your quirk (megaedition) 34 mns agoCurie the magnificient stray 36 mns agoRotom completed the entire Kanto Pokedex (except for one) 48 mns ago