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Jack's dad was based

Jack's dad was based Click to block a category: crixuz prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment >kid sees you kill people>can't tell him killing is bad, because you did it and he might have to do it himself one day to protect those he holds dear>can't tell him it was the right thing to do, because will mess him up even worse>can't tell him it was for the family or the kingdom or for the greater good, because that might turn him into a fanatic>decide to stress the importance of free choice, culpability, and the virtue (and the responsibility that comes with it) of being an individualMention History prev next

people dying 6 brutal fest

people dying 6 brutal fest Man sacrifices himself to stop the detonation of a nuclear warhead 3 different soccer players all suffer from immediate organ failure mid game.Doctors say they were caused by the brains ceasing function so they wouldn't have to be in Brazil another second 2 men get into an accident at a saw blade factory 2 men fight, one with a pitch fork and the other with a hammer, after an extreme amount of road rage a blue car drives into the path of the red one, killing everyone in both vehicles 18 men forced to fight to the death in a glass cage while the global elite watch

/fit/izen kills himself

/fit/izen kills himself 5 Anonymous / / onyx/ ditty/ ill?No.

Small Rick and Morty dump cos I'm obsessed, and have no life.

Small Rick and Morty dump cos I'm obsessed, and have no life. NOPE - nightmare souls complete 19 hrs agoHappens to me more than i would like.22 hrs agoI know this isn't the right place 15 hrs ago/pol/ on African-American intellectuality 22 hrs agoA SMALL LOAN OF 2 MILLION EUROS 19 hrs agoGo sit in that corner and think about what you've done.

Anon tells how Ellon Musk screwed up

Anon tells how Ellon Musk screwed up Finally some sanity in my feed 21 hrs agopeople dying justice edition 23 hrs agoIncoming trash!TAKE COVER!